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Frequently Asked Questions



  • (a) Why Sonography is necessary in pregnancy?

    Ans – Because when a baby is formed half of the chromosome come from husband and half of it from wife. During this process, any abnormality can happen, which is not under our control. Of which, most common is Down syndrome. To detect the probability of such child proper level 1 / first trimester anomaly / NT scan are necessary.

  • (b) When a pregnant women should come for scan ?

    Ans –


    1.In early part of the pregnancy for dating, also called Dating scan

    2.Between 11 to 13+6 weeks for first trimester scan /Level 1 scan

    3.Anomaly scan or Level 2 Scan

  • (c) Is USG safe in pregnancy ?

    Ans – Yes , all studies shows that USG is safe in pregnancy.

  • (d ) What is the ideal no of scan to be done in pregnancy ?

    Ans – Usually 3 scan in each preganancy but the number varies depending upon the condition of the baby.

  • (e) What are the advantages of USG in pregnancy ?

    Ans –

    - Opportunity to see the baby

    - Forms the bond between the baby and parents

    - Assures the parents that my baby is fine ie relief of parental anxiety

    - Prediction of chromosomal / structural status of the baby

    - To assess the growth pattern of the baby (provided growth chart is used)

    - Helps in timing the delivery